ATP Rappid Up Mass, 2500 g.


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Rapid Up Mass 

Neto weight: 2500 g.

New product on the ATP line. Good quality gaier for promoting your muscle growth.

Rapid Up Mass -It is a low -fat mass increase product suitable for anyone engaged in any sport.Rapid Up Mass - It is based on the growth of muscle mass, which helps maintain milk whey concentrate, milk whey isolation, milk protein concentrate, maltodecstrin, dextrosis.

Rapid Up Mass For those who live an active lifestyle and want to increase or maintain muscle mass. Rapid Up Mass contains whey protein complex that will provide your body with all the necessary amino acids that support muscle growth. This is a great product for those seeking to gain mass!


  • Helps gain muscle mass.
  • Increases energy and muscle strength.
  • After intense workouts, it nourishes the hard -working muscles.
  • Allows you to recover faster.
  • Facilitates daily intake of calorie intake.

Consumption: Mix 50 g of product with 220 ml of water. Daily dose of two meters (100 g).Use according to the instructions and/or special nutrition programs of an athlete.Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not use if you are pregnant or feeding!

Storage conditions: Keep in a dark place +12 С +25 ° С. A well -packed product can be stored at dry 5 ° С - 30 ° С. When opening the package, consume within 3 months. Keep out of the reach of children. The seriesBest before: See. on the package.

Manufacturer: Mega pro S.R.O., Czech Republic.

Distributor: UAB "Z-PROJECTS"


SudEdo parts: Sweet milk whey powder, dextrosis, maltodecstrine, sucrose, micellar casein, hydrolyzed collagen, banana scented substances, whey protein isolation, whey protein concentrate, thickener: xanthan resin, curcumin powder, sweetener: cobralosis.

 Composition of banana flavor
100 g In a portion of 50 g
Energy value 1 636 kJ/385 kcal 818 kJ/193 kcal
Fat 0.6 g 0.3 g
 -An their saturated fatty acids 0.4 g 0.2 g
81 g 40.5 g
 -In their sugar
64 g 32 g
Dietary fiber
<0.5 g <0.5 g
Proteins 14 g 7 g
Salt 1.1 g 0.6 g


About the manufacturer

ATP Nutrition There is the highest quality product group from Mega Pro Nutrition S.R.O. - a famous dietary supplement and special nutritional food manufacturer operating both in the domestic market and abroad. Products are primarily aimed at difficulty in movies and strength athletes, but many products are popular with other athletes and people who love active lifestyle and healthy eating.

The tradition is twenty -three years, so the ATP Nutrition brand uses original and complex traditional recipes. The main highlight of this Premium brand has always been to create high quality products using the best ingredients from reliable internal and international suppliers.

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Darius Grėbliūnas (Kaunas, LT)

ATP Rappid up mass, 2500 g.

Irmantas Kuskys (Kaunas, LT)

ATP Rappid up mass, 2500 g.

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