Extrifit EXPRESS ENERGY GEL (25 packs of 80 g)

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Extrifit EXPRESS ENERGY GEL - A unique Extrifit® energizing product used by athletes to provide direct energy before and during training. Do you go to work out after a long day at work? Do you lack energy during longer sports performances? Due to the balanced ratio of the three types of carbohydrates with energizers, stimulants and a balanced amount of minerals, EXPRESS ENERGY GEL will immediately provide energy for mental and sports work.

Flavors: lime, cherry.

Contains caffeine! Not recommended for children and pregnant women (100mg / serving) < / span>

Net: 80 g

Consumption: Take one pack 20-30 minutes before your workout. Can be mixed with 100 - 200 ml of water. Consume all content after opening. The daily dose is 1 pack. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not use if you are pregnant or breast-feeding! Do not use in persons under 18 years of age. A food supplement cannot be used as a substitute for food!

Storage conditions : Store in a dark place at + 12 ° С + 25 ° С. A well-packaged product can be stored in a dry place at a temperature of 5 ° С - 30 ° С. Once opened, use within 3 months. Keep out of reach of children. Series / Best before: See on the package.

Manufacturer: Extrifit s.r.o. Divišova 757, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

Distributor in Lithuania: MB "T klubas".


Ingredients: dextrose, maltodextrin, palatinate TM , taurine, potassium citrate, calcium, L-tyrosine magnesium, sodium , sodium chloride, caffeine (powder), purified water, xanthan gum, acidity regulator (citric acid), sweetener (sucralose), preservatives (potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate), natural dyes carmine

Nutrition per serving (80g)

Energy value

148 kcal / 623kJ


0 g

- Of which saturated fat. acids

0 g


33 g

- Of which sugars

26 g


0.2 g


0.26 g

Fiber Materials

0.6 g

Ingredients per serving (80g)


400 mg


75 mg


160 mg


100 mg


2,000 mg


750 mg


100 mg


24,000 mg


8,000 mg


4,000 mg

About the manufacturer
Extrifit ® nutritional supplements are designed for professional athletes. The main goal of the company is to lead the food supplement market, meeting the needs of even the most discerning customer using the highest quality raw materials. To maximize the effectiveness of food supplements, all products are developed in collaboration with Europe's leading technologists and the best athletes.

Extrifit has successfully passed the certification process and obtained ISO 22000: 2006 certification. The ISO 22000 standard is an international mandate and an important measurable standard for organizations with specific requirements for food safety throughout the food production / supply chain. Emphasis is placed not only on corporate governance, adherence to HACCP principles, but also on the implementation of other safety measurement practices. Such as good operations management practices, good agro-cultural practices, good veterinary practices, good hygiene practices, good distribution practices, good sanitation practices, and so on. By obtaining this certificate, Extrifit can guarantee that their products are safe and of high quality.
Extrifit is also HACCP certified, a quality management and food quality protection prevention program. It provides systematic agricultural methods and analysis of food production processes, identifies all risks, and so on. HACCP is based on the Alimentarius Code, developed by the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

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