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We have been successfully working and expanding in the food supplement market since 2007. Taking into account the needs of the clients, we try to provide the client only with extremely high quality food supplements that meet all the requirements of the Lithuanian State Public Health Service. We strive to enable our customers to purchase the highest quality goods at an affordable price. We want to provide customers with brands that are truly high quality, but perhaps less well known for their higher prices. Some online food supplement stores in Lithuania sell popular brands that are strongly advertised in the world, but the quality of the product and its impact on health are in conflict with the regulations of the Lithuanian State Public Health Service. We want to provide our customers with something not cheap, but something that is really high quality!

FEN food supplements for sports - www.fen.lt e-shop does not sell what is cheap, we only sell what is really high quality! The online store www.fen.lt sells food supplements for people who play sports, live actively and take care of their health. We do not aim to have the lowest prices for supplements in Lithuania, we aim to provide customers with only the highest quality products.

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