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Hell Gel - The extraordinary product is designed for consumption before workout. The first supplement of this kind in the jelly form. This is quite different from other supplements companies - one small pokel 30 minutes before workout. Extrifit The NO supplement is in the jelly form that works extremely fast and strongly.

Hell Gel Available Benefits:

  • Extreme workouts.
  • Extreme muscle fullness.
  • Extreme intensity.
  • This is a real noigal jelly!
  • Creatine matrix - 5000 mg in a serving.
  • Arginine AKG - 3500 mg in a portion can provide muscle "pumping", muscle fullness and recovery.
  • BCAA and L -glutamine - 2000 mg in a portion can provide rapid muscle recovery, muscle protection, muscle growth and fat loss.
  • L -Citrulin - Protein synthesis, energy surge and strengthens the immune system in a portion of 1500 mg.
  • L -Glutamine AKG -The expanded form of glutamine helps restore muscle and promote muscle growth.
  • Energy Matrix: Green Tea Extract Standard Max., Maximum Caffeine - Promotes metabolism and thermogenesis without any side effects of your heart rate.
  • Beta Alanin - Increases endurance, strength, protects against lactic acid intramuscularly, which causes muscle fatigue.
  • Choline -neurotransmitter.
  • L -thyrosine is a strong energyist, a fat burner, and significantly improves workout efficiency.

If you want to feel what's a real workout, you must try Hell No Gel!

Tastes: Orange, apple.

Contains caffeine! Is not recommended for children and pregnant women (150 mg / 80g)

Neto weight: 25 pcs. After 80 g.

Consumption: For adults, use 1 pack for 1 pack 15-20 minutes before workout as a dietary supplement. Do not use if you are diabetic or have other problems such as asthma, heart disease, problems with blood vessels, kidney, liver disease, high blood pressure. Use all content after opening. The daily dose is 1 pack. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not use if you are pregnant or feeding! Persons under 18 should not be used. The dietary supplement cannot be used as a food substitute!

Storage conditions: Keep in a dark place +12 С +25 ° С. A well -packed product can be stored at dry 5 ° С - 30 ° С. Opening the package to consume immediatelyKeep out of the reach of children. The seriesBest before: See. on the package.

Manufacturer:Extrifit S.R.O., Czech Republic.

Distributor: UAB Z-FREEATS.


Ingredients:Arginine alpha-equalutarate, beta alanine, creatine monohydrate, L-citrulin, taurine, l-leucine, l-glutamine alpha-equalutarate, L-arginine base, L-isoleucine, L-Valin, tri-kreatin Malarate Creatine AKG alpha - equalutarate, green tea extract (40% natural caffeine), anhydrous caffeine. Other Igrediens: water, thickener and stabilizer guar resin, scents, sweetener with a convent, citric acid, beta -carotene, potassium sorbate, concept sodium benzoate.

Nutrition 1 in a serving (80 g)

Energy value

74kcal / 312 kJ


0 g

- their saturated fat. acids

0 g


0.4 g

- their sugar

0 g


0.3 g


0.04 g


0.9 g

Ingredients in 1 serving (80g)

Tri-carate malats

1000 mg

Creatine monohydrate

2000 mg

Creatine ethyl ester

1000 mg

Creatine AKG alpha -equalutarate

1000 mg

Arginine alpha -equalutarate

4000 mg

Caffeine anhydrous

150 mg

L-glutamine alpha-equalutarate

1000 mg

Green tea extract

250 mg


2000 mg


1000 mg

Beta Alanin

3000 mg


2000 mg


2000 mg


1000 mg


1000 mg

L-arginine base

1000 mg


About the manufacturer
Extrifit ® Food supplements were designed for professional athletes. The main goal of the company is to lead the market supplements on the market, meeting even the most demanding customer with the highest quality raw materials. All products are developed in collaboration with the most prominent European technologists and the best athletes to make the effectiveness of nutritional supplements.

Extrifit The company successfully passed the certification process and acquired the ISO 22000: 2006 certificate. The ISO 22000 standard is an international power of attorney and an important standard for the assessment of organizations that apply specific requirements for food safety throughout the food production/supply chain. Not only the management of the company, adherence to the HACCP principles, but also the introduction of other security practices. Such as good operational management practice, good agro cultural practice, good veterinary practice, good hygiene practice, good distribution practice, good sanitation practice and so on. Having acquired this certificate Extrifit It may be guaranteed that their products are safe and high quality.

Extrifit The company also has a HACCP certificate - a quality management and food quality protection prevention program. It provides for systemic agricultural methods and analysis of food production processes, indicates all risks and so on. The HACCP is based on the Alimmonarius Code, which was created by the United Nations and the World Health Organization for Food and Agriculture.

Customer Revews

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Igor Lucenko (Kaunas, LT)
Good muscle-pomp tool

At the same time, it should be considered that during the period of application of the muscle work at the pump and during such training, it is better to use more than one HellGel than the other more difficult muscles in the pump.

We also recommend it

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