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FEN Creatine monohydrate 100%

Food product

Net Quantity: 300g.

Creatine monohydrate 100% - Favorite and best -selling athletes in the world. Studies have proven its impact on increasing physical capacity. Creatine with the help of the muscle structure can get rid of 5-6 kilograms of fat and may occur 20-30% of the strength only within eight weeks. After a few days of taking creatine, the muscles will look firm. Creatine is needed for every bodybuilder. An important note: When it comes to our creatine products in mind the high quality creatine is available. Approximately thirty scientific recommendations indicate that the use of creatine increases non -fat body weight. The maximum muscle enlargement was identified for people who trained with additional 80-120% load and used creatine for three months. Muscles make it possible to work at much higher capacity thanks to the greater amount of creatine and the muscles look good externally. 

Creatine monohydrate It has been widely used in sport for a long time. About 95% of the creatine in the body is found in skeletal muscles. It helps to produce the energy needed for muscle cells by optimizing the production of adenosyntriphate (ATF). ATF is the main source of energy in cells. Studies confirm that creatine can increase physical capacity by performing very intense short -term physical exercises. Positive effects occur daily with 3 g of creatine.
Creatine monohydrate 100% - Contains only pure (without any impurities) creatine monohydrate - the most tested and most widely used in the form of creatine.

Consumption: 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 teaspoon before sports, drinking a glass of water. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. A well -packed product can be stored at dry 5 ° С - 30 ° С. When opening the package, consume within 3 months. Keep out of the reach of children. The series Best before: See. on the package. 

Manufacturer: Mega Pro Nutrition S.R.O., Czech Republic.

Distributor: UAB "Z-PROJECTS"


Ingredients: Micronized creatine monohydrate.

Nutritional Energy Value 100 g

Energy value

 1 700 kJ / 400 kcal

85 kJ / 20 kcal


 0 g / 0 g

 - of them saturated fatty acids

 0 g / 0 g


 0 g / 0 g

 - of them sugar

 0 g / 0 g


 100 g / 5 g


 0 g / 0 g

 Dietary fiber

 0 g / 0 g

Ingredients 100g and serving (5 g)

Creatine monohydrate

100 g / 5 g



About the manufacturer

The first professional Lithuanian dietary supplements brand started in 2012 FEN Sport Nutriton, in the same year, the first two appeared on the market FEN sport nutrition supplements. The expanding range of nutritional supplements is currently 42 products, which are already widely used by athletes and people who care about their health.

FEN Sport Nutriton is a professional line of nutritional supplements for sports and active lifestyle. FEN SPORT NUTRTITONAS Lithuanian -based dietary supplements for sports brand in collaboration with professional athletes and best Czech technologists, which are very carefully selected by the highest quality European raw materials and generate new generation of high -quality and effective nutritional supplements and specialty foods for athletes and healthy lifestyle people.

The product line consists of protein and carbohydrate cocktails, amino acids, testosterone promoters, vitamins, minerals, fat burners, joint care products, as well as health products.

Products are produced in the Czech Republic, one of the most experienced factory, in cooperation with professional technologists and athletes. FEN sport nutrition is the main sponsor of the competition organized by the Lithuanian Bodybuilding, so this brand is well known to people interested in fitness or bodybuilding.

In April 2017 FEN sport nutrition The dietary supplement line was also presented in Europe's largest sports exhibition in Germany Fibo Power.

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