Rhodiola Premium 60 capsules (pink rhodiole - golden root)

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Rhodiola Premium (Pink Rodiole)

Neto weight: 60 capsules (1 capsule - 433 mg).
Pink radiole is used to promote cognitive and physical vitality in traditional Chinese medicine. Many believe that the Vikings used pink radiol extract to preserve the body and increase physical force, also known as the "golden roots". 
Pink radiol extract promotes cognitive function but can improve mood, well -being and helps to lose weight.

It is a great dietary supplement to fight stress on the body and can also affect normal cardiovascular activity. Supplement It will help the body to adapt to stress and increase the overall resistance of the body and tone it.

Consumption: Take 1 capsule a day as a dietary supplement, with a glass of water. Use according to the instructions and/or special nutrition programs of an athlete. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not use if you are pregnant or feeding! Persons under 18 should not be used.  The dietary supplement cannot be used as a food substitute!

Storage conditions: Keep in a dark place +12 С +25 ° С. A well -packed product can be stored at dry 5 ° С - 30 ° С. When opening the package, consume within 3 months. Keep out of the reach of children. The series Best before: See. on the package. 

Manufacturer: Mega Pro Nutrition S.R.O., Czech Republic.

Distributor: UAB "Z-PROJECTS"


Ingredients: Rice flour, gelatin capsule, reddish rhodiole extract, adhesive regulating substance fatty acid magnesium salt.

 Ingredients in 1 capsule 
Pink rhodiole extract 100 mg


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