Do we remember to care for one of our main organs?

Posted by Karolis Zilinskas

As we all know the liver, one of the main organs of our body, the activity and condition of which must be flawless to function well, and as a result, feels great.
The liver has no pain receptors, so we usually do not think about the condition of this organ without feeling pain.
The liver is the largest organ and the largest gland, which regulates metabolism, performs the body's detoxification function. Due to the important biochemical processes that take place in this gland, the liver is called the body's main laboratory, with many different metabolic processes - synthesis or degradation of protein, fat, carbohydrates and other compounds.
The liver is very important for digestion, amino acid synthesis, fat, water and mineral metabolism; They produce bile, plasma proteins, glycogen, urea, produce A, D, B12 and K vitamins, neutralized to poisonous substances, help regulate blood sugar, control cholesterol, some hormones, enzymes.
Our liver function and condition depend on how we care about them. Alcohol, the use of medication directly affects the liver function, excess weight can and causes liver disease such as hepatitis or liver fatty. Overweight can be stimulated by malnutrition: when eating irregularly, overeating, high -calorie -rich and hard -to -digest food.
You want to properly take good liver function as little alcohol as possible, not to take medication, if not necessary, try to maintain a good emotional state and try to control emotions, because by relieving stress, anxiety and unable to relax, we often do not notice that we eat without moderation.
In order to maintain a healthy liver, you should follow the regime, eat regularly, do not overeat, avoid fatty meat, fatty dairy products. Incorporating more grain grits, fish products, lean meat and lean dairy products in the diet, and the most important thing to remember to include vegetables in your diet.
To protect the liver and facilitate their work we recommend taking supplements for liver protection, we recommend that Fen Liver Control Product, which contains 4 positive hepatic substances to help liver cells regenerate:
Mountain Puerarian (Kudzu) extract is a source of bioactive isoflavons. These materials can help:
  • Promotes the growth of new liver cells, which helps the liver to recover.
  • Detoxify the body;
  • Improving the production of dopamine and serotonin, which strengthen the nervous system and favorably affected (when hypersensitivity or apathy);
  • Raise the level of energy;
  • To get rid of alcohol consumption and smoking.
True Margainis (Silymarin) Help Support:
  • Normal liver cell regeneration (regeneration);
  • Normal liver detoxification function;
  • Normal liver function;
  • Normal digestion and body cleansing function.

    Lecithin is the most abundant and most important phospholipid in animal and plant cells. The phospholipid group material - lecithin is the building material of each living cell and the base of the nerve cell and fiber myelin sheath.

    Selenium is a very powerful antioxidant, extremely useful for both thyroid and liver, maintains normal thyroid gland, and is essential for the transformation of thyroid hormones from T4 to T3. It also supports normal immune system activity.

     All 4 materials have a unique proven effect. Recommending the product for a longer period of time.

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