The importance of vitamin D for the body

Posted by Karolis Zilinskas

Probably everyone has heard of the importance of vitamin D to our body and its lack of frequent Lithuanian, especially during the winter period. Numerous research has proven the benefits of vitamin D for the body and the importance of the body's vital functions.

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Some diseases are associated with vitamin D deficiency: some autoimmune, oncological diseases, bone thinning, depression. In vitamin D deficiency, muscle weakness, fatigue, frequent headache, weakness of the body, recurrent respiratory tract, and the likelihood of heart disease may occur. Vitamin D deficiency is particularly manifested in older age, with vitamin D's uptake with age. Proper vitamin D levels can regulate insulin production, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body, and promote calcium absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Naturally, we should all get from the sun. When the sun is in the sun, the body naturally produces vitamin D, but short summer in Lithuania, the low direct sunlight prevents the production of the right amount of vitamin D in our bodies. Most people at the time when the sun shines intensively outside the outdoors but in offices, so the direct sunlight gets little, and many people like to use protective creams during the holiday , twice a week between 10-14 hours, and sunlight should reach at least 1/4 of our bodies directly. So we can ask ourselves if we have enough sunlight) and here only about the summer period, and how do you get vitamin D during the cold season? We can also get a certain amount of vitamin D with food. Vitamin D contains fatty milk, butter, meat, fatty fish, fish oil, egg yolks. One of the most effective ways to maintain the right amount of vitamin D, taking high quality vitamin D supplements and following time from time to vitamin D during vitamin D blood test.

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